Québec and Lévis, July 18 to 23

The fleet, along with its over 3,000 crew members, will be in the Ports of Québec and Lévis for a grand celebration from July 18 to 23, 2017!

Québec City and Lévis July 18 to 23, 2017

The departure of the tall ships on July 23 will be done in two steps.
Step 1: Placement, starting at 4:30 am
During the first step, which will begin at about 4:30 am, the Tall Ships will leave the warves of the Port of Québec, where they are accosted, to take their position for the parade. The first sailboats will be in front of the Brown Bassin and the line will be formed as far as the Côte de Sillery (approximative place). This procedure will take a few hours, which explains why the second stage of the departure, the parade itself, will start between 7:30 am and 8 am.
Step 2: Start of the parade, between 7:30 am and 8 am
The parade will start between 7:30 and 8 am and the sailboats will be moving east. The parade officially begins at the Brown Bassin until its dismantling at the Bay of Beauport. After the parade, it will still be possible to see the sailboats naviguate the St. Lawrence River, but they will no longer be obligated to stay in their initial position.
Best places to watch the parade
The best places to observe the Tall Ships are from the Brown Bassin to the Baie de Beauport, on both sides of the river: Quai Paquet, Terrasse de Lévis, Dufferin Terrace and the docks of the Port of Québec.
Regulations for boaters
Boaters will be able to sail near the tall ships during the parade, respecting a perimeter of 150 meters.
Hoisting of the sails
If the winds permit it, the Tall Ships will hoist their sails for the parade. It is also possible that some sailboats deploy only their lateral sails (and not the fronts) for the same reason.
Passing of the sailboats in front of Orleans Island
All the ships will pass in front of the tip of the Orleans Island around 9h before taking the south canal. The best option is to download the YellowBrick application (YB races) and follow their progression in real time.
Passing of the sailboats in front of Isle-aux-Coudres
Most of the sailboats will pass on the north side of Isle-aux-Coudres. Only the smallest sailboats will be able to sail south of the Isle, but this decision is left to the captains' discretion.
Have a great parade!

Due to the high level of traffic expected in Québec’s Old Port and the surrounding areas, using public transport is strongly recommended.


Here’s the map including and detailing circulation’s restrictions. Learn more about these on this page.

To compensate these restrictions RTC routes and schedules have been added!

Réseau de transport de la Capitale

Several RTC buses will be serving the event and dropping off passengers directly at the Gare du Palais, a stone’s throw away from the visiting tall ships! For detailed information on the routes and schedules that will be in force exclusively from July 18 to 23 as part of RDV2017, visit the RTC website’s dedicated page.

Société des traversiers du Québec

You can also use the ferry travelling between Québec and Lévis to enjoy the host of events on offer in both cities. For the schedule and rates, click here.

Also note that until September 4, as part of the “Shiver me timbers!” family promotion, kids aged 15 and under can travel on the ferry for free!

Site map of the Québec event

Click here for a printable map of the Québec event here. Please note that there will most likely be changes to the exact mooring locations of the ships.

Tall ships tour schedules

The tall ships will welcome you aboard for free on July 19, 20, 21 and 22 as soon as the site opens, every day at 11 a.m and until 4pm. Schedules are at the captains’ discretion and are subject to change without notice. Stay on the lookout of the Québec city and Lévis Facebook event page for more details!

All tours are free. No advance booking.



Take a look at the full program lineup for both cities below! Careful, though: some activities are held in Québec and others in Lévis! 

18 July 2017

19 July 2017

20 July 2017

21 July 2017

22 July 2017

23 July 2017